Danyl Johnson at The George Club, Dublin

Danyl Johnson - Beautiful Life Cover
Danyl Johnson - Beautiful Life Cover

This weekend I visited the The George gay club in Dublin, this being the first time I had been out on the Dublin gay scene in 18 or so months I was unsure what to expect.

To my surprise I found that Danyl Johnson one of the X-factor finalists was going to be performing at midnight.

Although an hour later than scheduled Danyl Johnson did appear on stage and gave a fantastic performance, he seemed to lap up all the camp gay guys screaming, almost ready to throw their underwear at him. The only thing I would say I didn’t like about his performance was when he commented on the fact that Danni Minogue had joked about him being bisexual. Danyl Johnson had stated to the crowd that he was upset and angry that Danni Minogue had made the comments that she did. What I couldn’t understand was that if he had felt this way, why had he publicly defended her whilst a finalist on the X-Factor? Was it because he was worried that it might cause him problems later on in the show? I don’t feel that the issue with Danni should have really been used within his performance at The George, what was he going to gain by doing this?

Again despite my feelings on the comments he made, I can’t deny that Danyl Johnson has an outstanding voice, and i’m sure will go far in his career.

My bad stay at the Celtic Lodge Hotel, Dublin

Celtic Lodge Hotel Review

This weekend I had the displeasure of staying in the Celtic Lodge Hotel in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

When this hotel was first recommended to me, it was recommended as a hotel which was designed to a high standard but was at the same time affordable. They have a really nice too.

Before I actually made the booking with Celtic Lodge I emailed and asked the hotel if they had Wifi access, as even though I would be in Dublin for pleasure, I would still need to work. I received an email back from the manager saying that they do indeed have Wifi Access but only in reception, but would put me in a room directly above so that I would be able to receive the signal without having to stand in a small and cramped reception area

After receiving this recommendation I went ahead and booked the room at the Celtic Lodge for two nights as I was going to be in Dublin seeing friends who I hadn’t seen in a while.

When I got to the hotel, I was checked in to my room, but noticed I had been given a key to a room which was based on the top floor of the hotel. I enquired with the receptionist as to weather this room would have access to the Wifi and I was abruptly told “No”, I explained to the member of staff that the manager had promised a room above the reception area so I can gain a wifi signal but the receptionist again abruptly said “Well there’s nothing I can do about it, that’s your room”. I did ask if the manager was available and was told “No, i am the only one on this weekend”.

Although I was pretty shocked by the attitude of this member of staff and in any other circumstance probably have walked out of the hotel, but knowing that it was a weekend and gaining a room elsewhere would be pretty hard, So I told the receptionist I would take the room but would be reviewing them and telling them how bad there hotel and customer service really was, I then proceeded to the stairs to make my way to my room, within seconds the receptionist seemed to change her attitude to a very friendly and helpful one, and say’s “Mr I can give you a family room, as I want to make sure you are happy, I will lose money but that’s ok”. I politely thanked the receptionist and took the new key card.

When I got to my new room at the Celtic Lodge, I was shocked to find how bad the hotel really was, on top of the bad customer service I now faced a room which had bad damp, a broken bed, extremely cold room with only a small heater for the large room, and a musky smell. Along with this the floor boards creaked and moved underneath the carpet. The windows were very thin, so you could hear all the noise from outside, including buses that pass the hotel every few minutes. The only good thing I could say about the room was that the bathroom was modern(although small) and had a very nice power shower.

I really wish I could have given the Celtic Lodge Hotel a good review but because of the circumstances above I feel that I can’t, I would probably go as far as to say that anyone who wishes to stay at the Celtic Lodge Hotel should avoid at all costs.

Brian Dowling ex Big Brother contestant with attitude

Brian Dowling
Brian Dowling

During my night out at The George, I noticed the ex Big Brother contestant Brian Dowling with his entourage of queens, all of whom had pouts which would have put Victoria Beckham to shame, I can only guess because they was with Brian they thought they might have been something special, but not only was this Z list celebrity thinking he was high all mighty but he was also a complete bitch to anyone who came near him (and no not me).

I’ve seen Brian Dowling in some awful drunken states in G-A-Y and have even told him to go home once because I thought he’d had a lot more to loose than many if caught in the state he was, but today after seeing how much of a bitchy queen he is, I have to say I hope he is soon brought down off his pedestal and put back in his place.

Its people like Brian Dowling and his entourage who give the gay community a bad reputation.

Bar Recommendation: Slide Club, Belfast

Scott Dylan reviews Slide Bar Belfast

In my quest to seek out new venues i’ve come across a nice new gay/lesbian bar which seems to be tucked away out of site, the bar? Well its called ‘Slide’ and is based on Ann’s Street, Belfast.

Its a persian styled venue with table service on one floor and on another a small but comfortably sized dance floor, considering this is like a well kept secret size here really isnt important.

The staff were extremly friendly and welcoming which is a plus point considering some of the other LGB venues in belfast tend to employ staff who dont exactly know how to smile.

For those who cant find it, its above Little Wings Pizzeria, on Anns Street Belfast.

At the moment I cant seem to find a web link for the bar/club but I’ll update this post when I do.

Restaurant Recommendation: Little Wings Pizzeria, Belfast

Today I was taken to a little restaurant tucked away on Anns Street, Belfast, BT7 4EF called “Little Wings Pizzeria” which seems to have become a local gay and lesbian haunt to socialise.

Not only was the food incredible but so were the staff who made you feel extremly welcome and relaxed.

I will definately be recommending and frequenting Little Wings Pizzeria in the future.

You can find there website by clicking here