Lady Gaga Monster Ball and House of Contradictions!

Last night I went to the performance at the Odessey, Belfast to see Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 22nd February 2010, although choreography was absolutely amazing, and Lady GaGa didnt cancel due to the death of her friend; I found that she made alot of very big contradictions to everything she has said in her recent Interviews running upto and during her Monster Ball Tour.

Some of the contradictions:

1. Lady Gaga claimed that her Monster Ball tour was for people who felt alone or like freaks to come to the tour and not care *then at point she stated ” i get the fucking key and i lock out all the freaks from coming in”

2. Lady Gaga always talks about the truth and how its better to just say how you feel even if it hurts people but during her show last night she made a statement to the affect “I hate the TRUTH, i’d rather have a whole load of bullshit”, how can Lady GaGa say in one breath that its better to say how you feel but then say in another that she doesnt like the truth and would prefer lies?

Is it really a case that Lady GaGa has just become a product of the recording industry where she will say anything to sell a record and tour, but really be thinking something else? I really hope not!

Great performance but sadly this Monster ball was just full of contridictions!

Club Recommendation: Rain Nightclub, Belfast

I never got to see Milk, but from what I see of Rain, I actually really enjoy this Nightclub; especially on a Monday night!

I decided to go to Rain Nightclub after seeing Lady Gaga on Monday 22nd February, when I arrived Pat Kent and Titti the nights hosts were standing on the door being very welcoming and making sure we all entered the club with a smile on our faces, this is something you rarely see in a Nightclub these days so was a pleasant change from the club doors around Belfast.

The music on the night was extremely good, I never got to catch the DJ’s name that was playing but he had me on the dance floor for most of the night, which although isn’t really a hard thing to do the DJ was superb.

Bar staff were very quick and also friendly, it seems like the guys at Rain are really pulling out all the stops to make the venue a success!

It was also nice to see that the same people who greeted us on our way into the club were also wishing us a safe journey home.

*I’m not affiliated with Rain or its nights at all I merely had a really good night.

Club Recommendation: Club Mono, Belfast

I’ve got to say last night was probably one of the best nights i’ve had in a long time thanks to club mono, belfast. As some of you know last night was my birthday and as another venue had let us down at the last minute I had to look around for somewhere else that could facilitate my party, in steps club mono and offers me there lovely VIP Lounge.

I would recommend this club to anyone who wants a good night out, good music and friendly bouncers.