Review: La Boca, Belfast, Art Exhibition

As part of International Women’s Day (8th March 2010), I went along to La Boca a nice little Argentine style restaurant based on Fountain Street in Belfast which was hosting an art exhibition featuring works by artists Liz Carrasco (Mexico), Veronica Borchi (Italy), Katia Popoff(Chile) and Helen Warner(England).

During the night La Boca was giving away free wine to all guests as we not only enjoyed viewing the artworks but also live music provided by a Latin American singer Anai from Argentina also interacted with the guests, we was also entertained by one of the artists of the night (Veronica Borchi) who gave us a acapella version of Summertime.

I also understand that Liz Carrasco managed to sell a few of her pieces during the night.

I would recommend anyone who has an interest in Art, or wants to experience an Argentinean night out to go along to La Boca.

Bar Recommendation: Dubarrys Bar, Belfast

Everytime I visit Dubarry’s I always feel welcomed by the Doorstaff, Barstaff and the owner Declan.

Although the venue is usually frequented by an older crowd I cant help but enjoy every night I have out in Dubarry’s, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and tame.

The venue is really well decorated with lots of luxurious velvet stools, fabric walls, well maintained carpets and Chandelier type lighting I cant help but describe this as a very Chic bar.

Its always nice to be greeted by Doorstaff who open the door and ask you how you are, this is something I dont think I’ve experienced at any other bar in Belfast yet and is definitely a plus point for Dubarry’s.

The bar staff are very friendly, give a service with a smile and pretty chatty.

I would say Dubarry’s on Gresham Street definitely stands out from the other Gay and Lesbian bars in Belfast.