Monitor issues: AOC N20W Driver

I’ve had my monitor for one of my computers for the past year, unfortunately one of my computers needed a full reinstall. When I came to installing the monitor I found that I didnt actually have the right drivers so had a constant bluryness on the screen.

I went to the monitors manuafacturers AOC Europe website to try and find the correct drivers but couldnt and when I called they said they no longer support the monitor – which is a disgrace to start with!.

I searched all over the web for the correct driver for the AOC N20W to download but all i kept finding was crappy software to download that “may” find the right driver for $29.99 – so I paid the fee in hope that it would, and just as I suspected… it didnt!

Luckily i’ve now finally gained the correct download by badgering at AOC Europe.

Click on the button below to download the AOC N20W Driver.

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