Reasons to avoid AllDayPA

Call Answering Services are there to try to remove the day-to-day frustrations of business, here is why I would recommend you to avoid AllDayPA

1. They will use your credit card details when they specifically been told not to (then refuse to refund you even when they cause you bank charges)

2. They will overcharge you.. which is clear here on

3. They are not flexible when it comes to working with small businesses, they will invoice you, then suspend your account within seconds until you pay them, this means your business looks unprofessional because calls start to bounce.

4. Credit Control(Deborah Heaton) and there Managing Director (Reuben Singh) are rude and will try to blackmail you into paying their invoices immediately… even though they still owe you money from causing you bank charges

5. When speaking to Reuben Singh on the phone to deal with our issues, I was told “just by talking to you it’s costing me and my staff money, it’s better I let you go than carry on trying to resolve this issue”. This shows how he looks at each customer/client of his!


If they can’t even look after their own clients and show real customer service then how can they be expected to look after yours?

If you want a company that will offer you flexibility then I would suggest moving to services such as PureJam or Regus. You may pay more but at least you’ll know that you will gain flexibility and be with a company that really appreciates your business, unlike AllDayPA.

Avoid AllDayPA at all costs!!

As requested by Reuben Singh, for which I find to be a fair request to update this post with the following details…

I would like to make it clear that at all times AllDayPA answered our calls professionally, my gripe is with the handling by Credit Control in the way they dealt with us, this was something we did not find to be professional, and found that it was the Credit Control representative Deborah Heaton who felt the need to just brush off everything we was trying to communicate in our problem. IF AllDayPA could improve there dealings with clients behind the scenes, then and only then will they become the ultimate service.. BUT at present it is not a service I feel I can recommend till those issues are resolved.

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NEW Invite all friends to an event 2011

Here’s the code to select all contacts to add to an event with the new facebook friend selector.
Corporate Event Planners opened up the list of people you want to add to the event, and paste this into your address bar and click go.
Alternatively you can add it as a bookmark on your toolbar and paste the code into the location of the bookmark, then when you get to the page you can just click the new bookmark button to run the code.

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i

Let me know if you need a hand!