Friending the Boss can Kill Your Career

Social media may be blurring the boundaries between work and play, but there is a universal truth for the 21st century – never “friend” your boss. When the wine is flowing at the company dinner, it may seem like a good idea to pull out your iPhone and click that link. But stop right there. Do you really want him browsing through the pictures from your last holiday?

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Building Your Own Business: Mumpreneurs

There was a time when becoming pregnant signalled the end of a woman’s career. Now it seems that maternity leave has become the springboard for many mums to setup in business for themselves. From selling items via online auction sites to building multi-million dollar brands, mothers are using their skills, knowledge and savvy in enterprising and creative ways. This growing trend has led to a new term being developed to describe these dynamic women: Mumpreneur. However, combining the role of mum and entrepreneur can mean working long hours to build a business and run a household. So what is it about working for themselves that appeals to mothers?

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When Entrepreneurs Lose Their Sizzle

Are you an entrepreneur with your finger in too many different pots? Are you having trouble sustaining interest in the business you’ve started? Are you feeling restless and ready for a change?

The same restlessness that caused you to become your own boss in the first place can easily come upon you again. Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean the craving for something new and different ceases. Three to four years is a normal amount of time for anyone to reposition himself in a career, self-employed or not. Perhaps you’ve reached that stage too.

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