Marketing to a Technology Culture

The technology generation is fast paced and mobile, demanding the products and services they use to now be instantly available explains Scott Dylan. Consumers use smartphones, text messaging, email, and carry a tablet in their briefcase. Consumers use Twitter, Facebook, text and blog. They are infused with technology and they sweat links. They are connected to the world daily and every company wants their business.  Marketing to this generation of technology literate consumers requires the use of new and innovative techniques. Knowing how to reach this target group will empower any marketing campaign and produce fantastic results.

marketing technology culture

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Content Marketing – The New SEO

Scott Dylan explains that once upon a time you could throw together a basic website, flood it with keywords, add a bunch of advertising, toss a few trivia facts, use a few unethical SEO tricks, and find yourself receiving a decent ranking on Google. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Google has laid down the law with their Panda and Penguin updates, and they want websites to meet a specific criterion to qualify for good rankings. Quality content is at the top of Google’s shopping list, and Webmasters need to know the difference between content and quality content.
content marketing is the new seo explains scott dylan

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14 things successful people do on weekends

Scott Dylan gives 14 different things that successful people do on weekends.

1. Make time for family and friends.

2. Exercise. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear you mind and create fresh ideas.

3. Pursue a passion.

4. Vacation. Getting away for the weekend provides a great respite from the grind of an intense week at work.

5. Disconnect. No email, take a ‘tech Sabbath.’

6. Volunteer.

7. Avoid chores. Create a small window for chores and errands, and then banish them from your mind the rest of the time.

8. Plan. Planning makes people more effective, and doing it before the week starts means you can hit Monday ready to go.

9. Socialise.

10. Gardening/crafts/games/sports/cooking/cultural activities.

11. Network.

12. Reflect. Successful people make time on weekends to appreciate what they have and reflect on their happiness and accomplishments.

13. Meditate. “How better to equip yourself for success in this very tough world?”

14. Recharge. Peak performance requires managing downtime, too–with the goal of really recharging your batteries. That’s how the most successful people get so much done.