Yelp For Business: Getting Your Business On Yelp

Yelp Getting Started
Claiming your business on Yelp gives you more control.

In our first post in the Yelp For Business series we discussed the benefits of Yelp. Specifically, we discussed how the social proof of Yelp helps your business get new customers.

The more reviews you get on Yelp the more potential customers will see how reputable and sought after your business is. That’s social proof at its best and because millions of people in every city around the world use Yelp you’re looking at a real opportunity to grow.

But now we need to take a step back.

Getting started on Yelp is important for local businesses. The following are the steps to take to get your business on Yelp.

From there you can start taking advantage of the Yelp opportunity. 

Step 1: Claiming Your Business

Yelp has made the process of claiming a local business. Visit the Claim My Business page on Yelp. From that page you’ll see if your business already has a presence on Yelp. This would mean that your customers have already started adding reviews, which is great!

But don’t worry if you’re not on Yelp quite yet. That’s the purpose of getting started.

Enter your business information and submit your listing for review.

From here Yelp will verify your information. The process can take a few days. Yelp has a process for verifying the information to make sure everything is accurate.

This process is good for businesses because it keeps Yelp free of spam and junk making the site valuable to consumers.

Step 2: Create Your Account

At this point you’ll also need to create a Yelp account if you don’t already have one. It’s a standard online account with your basic information and credentials.

From here you’ll be able to take full control of your business account on Yelp. You can revise any information that might not be entirely accurate. You will also have the credentials you’ll need to review and respond to reviews.

Remember, Yelp has a strict filter for reviews. Many won’t make it to the site. There are even some positive reviews that don’t make it through because they sound too much like a thin review.

It’s always good to encourage your customers to be specific in their reviews. Encourage this with your customers whenever you have the chance.

The more specific the better it will be for convincing new people to visit and Yelp will see those specific reviews and authentic.

This is a thin review: “What a great establishment. I will be back!”

This is a specific review: “I loved Joe’s Restaurant. The steak was prepared perfect and Joe’s Ale was a great brew. I will recommend this to my friends in London.”

Step 3: Accurately Describing Your Business

Yelp Categories
Choose a category that accurately defines your business to make it easy for customers to find your business on Yelp.

We’ve discussed search engine optimisation regarding search engines like Google and Bing.

However, search is not only important on the engines. It’s important to optimise your descriptions on Yelp and other similar listings. This makes it easier for people to find your business.

Use an accurate category to describe your business.

Also create a complete description of your business using common keyword phrases that your customers use.

For example, a restaurant would want to include the style of food such as having coffee and tea with breakfast and brunch. Any specialties you offer should be included along with photos and updated contact information.

You can even add details about your history. Telling your story is a way to win over customers. Think of how you would tell a new person about your business if you met them on the street for the first time.

The information will make for a great Yelp business listing.


Getting started on Yelp is an exciting point in your business career. There are lots of people using Yelp to find local businesses.

As you start using Yelp more you’ll find your business rising in the rankings, which will lead to new customers coming through your door.

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