Online Brand Development Series: Paid Online Marketing

Paid Online Marketing

Paid Online Marketing involves PPC and PPI, which can be part of your successful branding strategy.

Want to increase the amount of people who are familiar with your brand?

One way of doing this is via paid online marketing. It’s a great way to supplement your brand development strategy.

This technique involves paying third parties for advertising space.

There are two main varieties of paid online marketing: pay per click and pay per impression.

‘Pay per click’ means that you pay a small sum of money whenever an Internet user clicks on an advert.

Sites that you can purchase this form of advertisement on include Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Paid Online Marketing: Impressions And Clicks

‘Pay per impression’ advertising involves paying whenever an advert is displayed.

The price tends to be worked out per thousand views of an advertising banner.

Both of these types of marketing can be useful for increasing the number of people who know about your brand.

Where Do You Put Your Advert?

How do you decide which websites you wish to purchase either pay per click or pay per impression advertising on?

This depends upon the nature of your business and its target audience. A shoe shop in Manchester is likely to have different advertising needs to a sushi bar in London.

If you are selling b2b then you might want to consider advertising via LinkedIn, whereas if your customers are individuals rather than businesses, other forms of social media may be more appropriate.

It is just a matter of finding out which sites are best at enabling you to target your customers.

If you are still unsure of where to purchase advertising space then it might be worth consulting a digital marketing expert. He or she will be able to offer you advice related to this issue and help you to arrive at a decision. It is sometimes good to get an opinion from somebody outside your company.

Choosing Between Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression

How do you decide whether to opt for pay per click or pay per impression advertising?

Do you want to advertise a specific product or generate awareness of your brand without necessarily drawing visitors to its site? If so then go for pay per impression.

Are you focussed upon attracting Internet users to your company’s website? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ then pay per click might be more suited to your needs.

There is no point paying every time somebody looks at an advert if none of them are clicking the link and the reason for you purchasing the advertising space was to get more people visiting your site.

Just because surfers look at a banner, it does not necessarily mean that they are going to visit the website that is associated with it.

More Fiddly Than It Looks

Whether you choose pay per click or pay per impression advertising should also depend upon the objectives of your marketing campaign, the budget that you have available and a host of other factors.

Paid online marketing is not simply a matter of purchasing an advert and watching the money roll in.

PPC Marketing and PPC Management are a lot more complicated than it might initially seem.

Do you need help deciding upon which form of paid online marketing would work best for your business? Why not get in touch and see how I can help?

Image: SamahR

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