7 #Hashtag Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

Six years after Twitter, Facebook adds hashtag technology
Six years after Twitter, Facebook adds hashtag technology

The social media world is buzzing recently over hashtags.

Two social media giants – Facebook and Google+ – have recently added the discussion tool.

Hashtags have been widely used on Twitter since 2007 when the first hashtag (#barcamp) was used by one of Twitter’s early users.

Since that first hashtag the conversation tool has become extremely popular. And while Facebook and Google+ are late to the party it seems that hashtags will improve both social discussion platforms just like they have for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites.

With the announcements by Facebook and Google+ it’s a good time to look at ways you can use hashtags to make your marketing efforts even more valuable to your target audience.

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Marketing to a Technology Culture

The technology generation is fast paced and mobile, demanding the products and services they use to now be instantly available explains Scott Dylan. Consumers use smartphones, text messaging, email, and carry a tablet in their briefcase. Consumers use Twitter, Facebook, text and blog. They are infused with technology and they sweat links. They are connected to the world daily and every company wants their business.  Marketing to this generation of technology literate consumers requires the use of new and innovative techniques. Knowing how to reach this target group will empower any marketing campaign and produce fantastic results.

marketing technology culture

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Content Marketing – The New SEO

Scott Dylan explains that once upon a time you could throw together a basic website, flood it with keywords, add a bunch of advertising, toss a few trivia facts, use a few unethical SEO tricks, and find yourself receiving a decent ranking on Google. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Google has laid down the law with their Panda and Penguin updates, and they want websites to meet a specific criterion to qualify for good rankings. Quality content is at the top of Google’s shopping list, and Webmasters need to know the difference between content and quality content.
content marketing is the new seo explains scott dylan

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NEW Invite all friends to an event 2011

Here’s the code to select all contacts to add to an event with the new facebook friend selector.
Corporate Event Planners opened up the list of people you want to add to the event, and paste this into your address bar and click go.
Alternatively you can add it as a bookmark on your toolbar and paste the code into the location of the bookmark, then when you get to the page you can just click the new bookmark button to run the code.

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i

Let me know if you need a hand!