Yelp For Business: Getting Your Business On Yelp

Yelp Getting Started
Claiming your business on Yelp gives you more control.

In our first post in the Yelp For Business series we discussed the benefits of Yelp. Specifically, we discussed how the social proof of Yelp helps your business get new customers.

The more reviews you get on Yelp the more potential customers will see how reputable and sought after your business is. That’s social proof at its best and because millions of people in every city around the world use Yelp you’re looking at a real opportunity to grow.

But now we need to take a step back.

Getting started on Yelp is important for local businesses. The following are the steps to take to get your business on Yelp.

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7 #Hashtag Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

Six years after Twitter, Facebook adds hashtag technology
Six years after Twitter, Facebook adds hashtag technology

The social media world is buzzing recently over hashtags.

Two social media giants – Facebook and Google+ – have recently added the discussion tool.

Hashtags have been widely used on Twitter since 2007 when the first hashtag (#barcamp) was used by one of Twitter’s early users.

Since that first hashtag the conversation tool has become extremely popular. And while Facebook and Google+ are late to the party it seems that hashtags will improve both social discussion platforms just like they have for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites.

With the announcements by Facebook and Google+ it’s a good time to look at ways you can use hashtags to make your marketing efforts even more valuable to your target audience.

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Marketing to a Technology Culture

The technology generation is fast paced and mobile, demanding the products and services they use to now be instantly available explains Scott Dylan. Consumers use smartphones, text messaging, email, and carry a tablet in their briefcase. Consumers use Twitter, Facebook, text and blog. They are infused with technology and they sweat links. They are connected to the world daily and every company wants their business.  Marketing to this generation of technology literate consumers requires the use of new and innovative techniques. Knowing how to reach this target group will empower any marketing campaign and produce fantastic results.

marketing technology culture

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