6 Secret Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs
Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers.

Social media is proving to be a worthwhile tool for entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to raise your personal profile and the profile of your brand or brands, social media is a great way to accomplish the goal.

With social media, you can build a community. This community or audience opts in to your updates. They’re giving you permission to share content with them and even to market to them as long as you find the right balance.

And it’s not that your social media community needs to entirely be your ideal customer. Some will be and others will know people that fit your ideal customer profile.

If you’re looking to start your social media efforts these social media tips should help.  Continue reading 6 Secret Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

#DuncansDream – My pledge of £500

Yesterday I logged onto twitter and found a new keyword trending, #DuncansDream which is the brainchild of @DuncanBannatyne.

The idea is that if everyone of his 91,000 followers all followed each other through the trend then each follower would also have 91,000 followers.

I though i’d decide to write a few tweets on #DuncansDream and to my amazement within minutes i’d had 20 new followers, because of this i kind of became addicted to #DuncansDream and ditched Facebook for the day. As I started my day of tweeting on the keyword I decided that I thought I might make it worthwhile for people to follow me.

So today I decided that I would make a pledge! The pledge is that IF by midnight tonight I get 3000 followers then I will donate £500 to cancer research. Since my pledge it seems like the power and dream of #DuncansDream is now determined to make that happen. I currently now have 700 new followers since my pledge and as each minute goes by my inbox seems to pop up with on average 20 new alerts telling me im being followed via #DuncansDream