Tribute to Joe Gilson | died 22-12-2008

Its now been one year since my grandad Joe Gilson died of cancer aged 64.

Joe Gilson was a gentleman of a man and I want to keep his memory alive.

Here is a copy of the tribute given by The Herald in Honiton, Devon

“AFTER labour comes rest. Fitting and poignant words said in tribute to a legend of the construction industry by the Reverend Ben Bendrey in Honiton yesterday (Thursday).

Part of the town centre came to a standstill out of respect for the late Joe Gilson, whose coffin was carried by a horse-drawn hearse to Honiton Baptist Church.

Mr Gilson, of Honiton, died on December 22. He was 64.

He left behind a legacy of true love, which he shared with his devoted wife Carol, and a lifetime of inspiration to civil engineers, many of whom went on to become pillars of the construction industry.

Some of those industry leaders were among more than 200 mourners.

Funeral director Penny Shoobridge carried a construction worker’s hard hat in and out of the church during the noon service.

Carol told the Herald: “He was the love of my life and I was proud to be his wife.”

Graham Grunden, former managing director of construction giant Morgan EST, told mourners Mr Gilson made a difference with his magic.

“Civil engineering is all about people, people like Joe Gilson,” he said.”He was one of those special people.”

Never one to mince his words, unless a lady was present, Mr Gilson was a true ‘worker’, leading major roaadworks projects across Britain.

He built many of the country’s motorways and was general foreman of the project to dual the A30 from Honiton to Exeter.

Stories about Joe’s life abound, although those relating to women and his ‘little black book’ stopped the second he laid eyes on Carol – the love of his life.

A fan of spicey food, Mr Gilson considered himself a connoisseur of curries. However, while building the M20, he was forced to think again.

Mr Grunden said Indian workers offered Mr Gilson a curry – for breakfast. He downed the meal in one go. “A few seconds later, the after-burns set in,” said Mr Grunden. “He grabbed what he thought was a bottle of water – only to find it was vodka!”

The construction industry, led by Mr Grunden, paid tribute to Carol for her endless love. She had not only been the love of her husband’s life but dedicated her time to caring for him after prostate cancer spread to his lymph glands, crushing his immune system. Industry leaders said he could not have been better loved.

Morgan EST contributed to palliative care provided by Hospiscare. Nurse Angela Phillips was among the mourners.

Written tributes to Mr Gilson, ‘dad’, were made by his step-children Mandy, Wendy and Jamie in a book about his life. Mr Bendrey, a close friend of the family, described Mr Gilson as “a cross between Arthur Daley and Del Boy Trotter”, saying he knew how to make money but did not believe in debt. He saved up for what he wanted. As a footballer, Beckham could bend it like him!

“There are many good things I could say about Joe, but we would be here until next week,” said Mr Bendrey.

He lit four candles, representing grief, courage, memories and Jesus Christ.

Most significantly, mourners heard how Carol and Joe fought for a church wedding. Having both previously been married, Honiton Baptist Church was their last hope.

Mr Bendrey did not stand in the way of true love. The couple repaid the church with unstinting loyalty and generosity, becoming staunch supporters and a lifeblood of the congregation and its fund-raising.

Bette Middler’s Wind Beneath My Wings was played as the coffin was taken in and out of the church.

Hymns were How Great Thou Art and Abide With Me. Mr Gilson’s remains were cremated in Exeter the following day (today, Friday).”

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  1. He was one in a million, one of a kind, a loving grandad, with the sweetest of minds, he was a man of pride, with a heart of gold, I miss you grandad, and your amazing soul 🙁 R.I.P Grandad, 1 year, miss you now and forever!!! x

  2. Dearest Joe [Dad] 22/12/08 Its been a year and a day dont go by that i dont think of you. After you had passed over it hurts so much but i knew you was about when my stereo kept turning on playing Leona lewis song that mum said you loved,i took that as a sign you was here watching over us which as helped me though this 1st year of losing you. I will never forget you and your always be in my heart. Love Mandy

  3. A death in the family leaves a void that cannot be filled. No one can ever take the place of this individual in the world. We should not try to comfort the family by saying that “it was his time anyway”, or, “he was suffering”. These may be words of comfort later. However, there must be time to mourn the fact that things will never be the same. One minute he was here and now he is gone. The human mind must be allowed to sit with this reality. Mourning is a necessary part of the human experience. If it is ignored, a general feeling of sadness may pervade the whole family.

  4. grandad never gave up on what he was achieveing! he was the greatest grandad i could ever ask for! the memories me share are the memories ill treasure forever! ill keep my head high, cause i know thats what you would want, without a tear to fall i know your looking down on me wishing that everyday you will always see a smile on my face.

    my grandad – my hero, 1.9.44 — 22.12.08 ♥ sadly missed but never forgotten your always in my heart ♥ dont worry bout nanny your loving wife , ill keep her safe, thats a promise for life ♥ i miss you soo much and i love you soo much! ♥ SO PROUD TO BE YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER! ♥ xxxxxxx a fallen angel!

  5. Sorry I never knew him. He seems to have been widely loved and respected from all I have read here. You can be very proud of having such a person in your life.

  6. My Grandad Joe…I gave birth to your Great Granddaughter Ellie last year…You would have loved her. Not a day goes by when we don’t think of you. We all miss you…RIP GRANDAD XXX

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